Premier Ford: Follow the Review’s Advice – End Tarion Warranty Monopoly


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6 responses to “Premier Ford: Follow the Review’s Advice – End Tarion Warranty Monopoly

  1. nicole

    it is highly obvious after years of consumer pleading, fighting, proving, suffering, that the government benefits from this monopoly in one shape or another …and this to the detriment of Ontario homeowners…..

  2. Jeffrey Ferland

    There are some excellent points here including the fact that currently, the Ontario New Home Warranty Program “backstopped” by Tarion does not fall under the insurance regulators. As a result, Tarion is allowed to collect the obscene amount of revenue they do in relation to the amount they pay in claims. The current system I believe is not insurance but more of a rip off for homeowners, a protection scheme for builders and a fraud by Tarion on the province of Ontario.

  3. Jerry Young

    In our circumstance we had a custom home built for us. Our builder turned out to be an incompetent contractor and fraud…contemptuous of any complaints. We found Tarion over the years to be in bed with that builder. Of course legal counsel, parasites themselves, only compounded our losses.
    It would be a gargantuan effort to replicate here our chronology of the events to support our condemnations. Nor is it fair to you readers to wade through hundreds of pages of our files.
    From your own experiences you may understand why we condemn the current Rob Ford government for overlooking Tarion’s conduct. This PC Government resembles the powerful political friends and beneficiaries, who overlooked the chronic behaviour of the infamous predators Jeffrey Epstein and Harry Weinstein.
    One other comment, Consumer Reform mentioned that …Tarion has continued to license builders with poor records, says the Auditor General’s report, pg. 7: “builders with poor warranty records continued to get licenses from Tarion.”
    We believe that a major step forward to substantially reducing major incompetent and dishonest building contractors is to establish a Report Card system on all contractors, much the same as Consumer Reviews of products on-line – Amazon, Costco…by verified purchasers i.e. homeowners. Leave Tarion out of the picture!

  4. Ryszarda Starzycka

    Hoping I can contact you, I too am having massive issues with my builder and tarion keeps siding with them. I have documented evidence of damages caused by them, poor installations, and quick fixes which are only ruining my home more and more. I’m beyond angry and at a point where I believe it’s time to rally new home owners/ voters to take a loud stand against Tarion. The corruption and conflict of interest here is not only undeniable but stands to prove this agency is not helping the consumer one bit.

  5. Jerry-y

    aside from the merits of this Blog (Consumers Reform)…no viable ‘home owners’ efforts to organize has ever crystallized in our opinion – home owners do not exist ‘for-profit’ as does the construction industry – Tarion, the Bodyguard for the construction industry can ruthlessly launch legal action against any organized efforts to rally new home owners
    – it is possible for us to organize but it takes some shrewd strategy and persistence to rally homeowners and at the same time to fend off that Bodyguard

    • Thank you.
      I agree with your points.
      However, it is due to homeowner pressure on the various Ministers and Opposition MPPs which brought us the hard-hitting 2017 judge’s Tarion review, then the critical Auditor General’s review of 2019. These two independent analyses of Tarion have shed light on what otherwise would have remained a black box.
      Homeowner pressure works, but it takes time and perseverence. Sometimes it seems we’re getting nowhere, I totally get that, and we get discouraged. But the tortoise can win the race from the hare. Our perseverence is something none of these deep-pocketed lobbyists or well-connected MPPs ever counted on.

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