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One response to “YOUR VIEW

  1. Having been embroiled in the legal system as an SRL for some 6 years now, I have come to the conclusion, rather than living in a Democracy, we continue to live in a feudal system, not unlike a police state. Next to CEOs, Lawyers are psychopaths’ second choice. It is THEY who control our quasi Democracy. We have been their fodder puppets for hundreds of years.
    Whether Tarion, or any other conglomerate, nothing will change, until the people, en masse, decide so. The Internet now gives us that opportunity. Many existing causes are already making inroads. We must force change from the ground up! I am speaking of rewriting the Rules of Civil Procedure, creating a rock-solid foundation. The Legal system is corruptly broken at its very core! By not fixing it, nothing will change and we will continue to live in a Demo – Crazy!

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