Change Needed

  • ‘Do no harm to the Homeowner’ should be Tarion’s driving objective. If all of its activities revolved around this objective, many problems would be eliminated.
  • A Compliance Officer or independent administrator – to make sure all claims are handled using the same rules and procedures; and to bring more transparency to builder records;
  • Split the warranty function from the licensing authority. Tarion should have the consumer as sole client. Licensing of builders should be done by an independent authority. This has yet to be done, as of today,  August 31, 2020.
  • Open the new home warranty field to other competitors so the companies would have to compete for business. Tarion has enjoyed a monopoly for 42+ years.
  • Offer a ‘menu’ of warranty coverage to increase consumer choice, for example a 5-year HVAC Warranty, to allow for discoverability of defects if systems are not fully used within 2 years due to climate variations.
  • Independent mediation and early resolution options – with equal representation for the consumer – should be available to resolve claims without resorting to the courtroom, paid for under warranty coverage.
  • Individual consumers have initiated petitions for change to Tarion at ‘’ and set up a Facebook Page called ‘Make Tarion Accountable’, governmetn not listening to consumers;
  • ‘Canadians for Properly Built Homes’ CPBH, has written an Open Letter to Premiers McGuinty, Wynne and Ford urging reform, plus countless letters and meetings over the past years urging reforms.
  • Disclosure of all builder defects reported to Tarion, and all LAT Appeals on Tarion’s “Licensed Builder Directory” for the benefit of the future home-buying public.