Getting A2J onto the Political Agenda in the Federal Election


On October 19, Canadians will go to the polls to vote for federal representatives. There will be struggles over critical issues including the funding of public services, tax reform, immigration and social integration, and of course, leadership values and qualities. Will we hear anything about Access to Justice?

So far, the answer looks like no. Access to Justice – affordable resolution processes, defence of core rights, legal protection of the vulnerable, and access to effective representation – is nowhere to be seen on the agendas of the major political parties.

Criminal justice issues – mandatory minimum sentencing regimes, law and order crackdowns, or “alternatives” to the costs of incarcerating so many Canadians – sometimes make it onto the political agenda, but family law? Civil law? Not a whisper.

Is Access to Justice is important enough to ordinary Canadians to be a vote-getter? Something that candidates feel they need a position…

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