A smart journalist diagnoses the problems with Tarion

Its often said a good reporter is a good diagnostician.

In his recent column in The Toronto Sun (22/02/15), lawyer and columnist Alan Shanoff wrote about what’s ailing Tarion, the arms-length new home warranty provider and building industry regulator, a monopoly of the Ontario government.

(See link below: Time to shine light on Tarion“)

As any doctor knows, asking the right questions is essential to making a good diagnosis. Often a good reporter does the same thing. Understanding the cause of an ailment is the key to a cure, and treating symptoms won’t address the underlying cause.

As Mr. Shanoff points out in his column, the problems with Tarion are widely known, varied, and long-standing.

Most observers, including MPPs and the Ombudsman of Ontario, agree the main problem with Tarion is lack of transparency and accountability, a common ailment of government monopolies with scant oversight, as the recent scandals at ORNGE and e-Health showed in such a dramatic way.

Bill 60, the “Tarion Accountability and Oversight Act“, introduced by MPP Singh in December 2014,  is the cure for Tarion we now have before the Ontario Legislature. Will Premier Wynne and her Liberal government support it?

Wynne, like her predecessor McGuinty, has refused to support Bills to bring accountability and transparency to Tarion.  She continues to try to convince us of her belief in accountable and transparent government. “No more spending scandals“, that’s “water under the bridge“, “we’ll do government differently“, she says. Sounds good, but to have any credibility, words need to be matched with action.

During the last month, Liberal MPPs and Cabinet Ministers have been stonewalling consumers, refusing to meet with them to hear why Bill 60 is important to them. “No time!…traveling abroad“…absolutely no time!”

This is a poor show from our public servants.  No wonder people become cynical about politics and politicians.

Consumers will be watching the televised debates in the Legislature on Bill 60 to see how well our elected MPPs understand Tarion  from the consumer standpoint.

Its clear the powerful construction and development lobbies are not in favour of Bill 60.  They seem to have the ear of the Premier. No doubt she’s delighted with the hundreds of thousands of dollars their industry donated to her re-election campaign.

Consumers are tired of fawning government promises to “work with Tarion“.  We don’t need authorities to “work with Tarion”, …that’s the problem! We need independent oversight of Tarion, someone to scrutinize their operations, not another Tarion team player.

This is a political problem. It remains squarely on the plate of the government who’s watched it grow and fester for the last 11 years.

Action is long overdue. Premier Wynne and her Liberal MPPs need to heed the diagnosis, and cure the patient. Now.

See article here: http://www.torontosun.com/2015/02/21/time-to-shine-light-on-tarion


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One response to “A smart journalist diagnoses the problems with Tarion

  1. nicole lalonde

    Between this blog by Consumers Reform Tarion and Mr. Alan Shanoff’s article on the same, how can consumers not join in ONE voice to request this accountability that is due to them . Years of evidence and hard facts speak out in need of reform of this flagrant political flaw !

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