“Until the lion…

Until the lions have their own historians, the history of the hunt will always glorify the hunter.”
Chinua Achebe

Who speaks for new home/condo buyers at the “consumer protection” body, the government-appointed monopoly,  Tarion Warranty Corporation? …..Builders, public servants, generalist corporate directors, it seems. Good luck developing policy to actually understand and protect the interests of new home/condo buyers.



June 20, 2014 · 2:33 pm

2 responses to ““Until the lion…

  1. Caspar Radden

    What a misuse of power – called fairness for consumers ???????
    Shame on everyone betraying New Home Buyers and New Condo Buyers !

  2. Yes. Lack of transparency and accountability at Tarion is creating an unlevel playing field for consumers. The legislation has to be changed. I’ll be devoting my efforts to helping MPPs push for reforms.

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