NDP Leader Andrea Horwath guarantees her party will help consumers with the “horror stories” many have experienced.

In the run-up to the Provincial election of June 12th, 2014, homeowner Jeffrey Ferland asks NDP Leader Andrea Horwath on 1010 Newstalk Radio: What will your party will do, if elected, to help new home/condo buyers to get justice with Tarion Warranty Corporation? Too many homeowners have been left without adequate protection.

Ms. Horwath responds that her party has for years heard “horror stories” from consumers who have been left on their own to deal with new home defects they thought were covered under the province’s Tarion Warranty programme. She stated her party has heard, “scores and scores and scores of complaints” over many years about new home defects which Tarion has not resolved. Yet she points out Tarion was designed to do just that – provide the basics – new homes without defects – and prevent consumers from being “ripped off” by shoddy builders. She points out this issue has been raised “time and time again in the Legislature, but the Liberals continue to ignore it.
She stated her party, the NDP, is determined to bring justice to this system for consumers.
Thank you, Andrea Horwath, and NDP colleagues, for understanding this serious issue from the homeowner’s/taxpayer’s standpoint.

Can a Delegated Administrative Authority of the government, with a government-mandated monopoly…. betoo big to care”? Why won’t the Liberal Party take a stand on this issue to finally help ordinary Ontarians, the very people they themselves keep telling us, time and time again, they care so much about?

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May 21, 2014 · 3:03 pm

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