Sound familiar?

New Yorker Cartoon, Conde Nast, by C.Weyant

New Yorker Cartoon, Conde Nast, by C.Weyant

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One response to “Sound familiar?

  1. Barbara,

    This cartoon reminds me of Tarionls Annual Public Meeting last week:)

    I hope that at some level many of those who work with the Ontario New Home Warranty Program (government included) realize that Tarion is not complying with their consumer protection mandate in many ways. Hopefully someone in a position to make a change with Tarion will step up!

    Thank you for keeping such a comprehensive listing of current information about what is going on with Tarion and the ONHWP. I also appreciate your fun content like the cartoons. Humour may be one of the best tools to help current and past new homeowners get through and past the ONHWP and Tarion experience! Consumers and Ontario residents are lucky to have you on our side!

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