Consumers and their MPP’s (NDP) try to get answers from Tarion executives!

TARION’s Annual Public Meeting to be held today April 30, 2014 has been overwhelmed with consumer response to attend and ask questions. Tarion will allot only 1 hour for questions/answers. With over 250 consumers attending in person, and over 160+ via Webcast, Tarion finally agreed at the last minute to extend the meeting room to accommodate consumers traveling from all over Ontario.

Here are some of the questions MPP Rosario Marchese (whose Bill 139 calls for greater transparency and oversight of Tarion) Tweeted to his followers today, which he says should be asked of Tarion at its Annual Public Meeting:

–  Why the increase in “illegal building” (new homes built without warranty), if Tarion says its clamping down on it?

–  Why has Tarion not hired inspectors to inspect their registered builders work, while the law (the ONHWPA) requires it?

–  How can Tarion serve the consumers who pay is bills while being controlled by the developers it is supposed to regulate?

– The Province makes consumers pay fees to Tarion, which has a monopoly on home warranties. How do we know they are getting value for money?

Why has Tarion failed to address transparency problems reveled in this Toronto Star investigation (July 6, 2013)?

–  Average pay at Tarion over 100,000 per year; How much goes to CEO, COO, and 9 Vice-Presidents?  (Tarion is not subject to the Sunshine List, and is not obliged to disclose executive pay.)

“Is Tarion another ORNGE?” If not, will Tarion open its books and prove it?

These questions deserve answers. Consumers will do their best to get them at the Annual Public Meeting.


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