Fox guarding warranty coop in Ontario

By: Barbara Captijn
Re: “Warranty system slanted” (Aug. 7, 2012, Belleville Intelligencer newspaper) |
Thursday’s Letter to the Editor
Published on | Belleville Intelligencer

Colin McKay’s article is an accurate and complete overview of the serious systemic problems at Tarion Warranty Corporation.

It defies common sense that our government has a hands-off policy in their “oversight” role of Tarion. It defies common sense that Tarion has their builder-dominated board speak for the interests of consumers.

And it flies in the face of any “equitable principles” of law that Tarion can make unlimited use of the warranty fund to fight its own self-represented homeowners/stakeholders in court over claims for new home defects.

We rely on our free press, such as this article by The Intelligencer, to expose another abuse of the public trust. The fox has been given responsibility for guarding the chicken coop.

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